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Banished is a game I cannot escape from. It doesn’t matter what new games I’ve bought; I will always return for more. The premise is straightforward: you start with a few citizens, and you must build and manage your village to grow it as big as you can.

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I’ve played many games like this, but Banished does it well. The way your harvest resources is intuitive and satisfying. When you cut down an area of forest and watch your people cut down each tree to clear the area, it’s very pleasing. It takes a little practice to get the hang of the most efficient use of each structure and your citizens, but once you do, you can create substantial sprawling towns covering much of the map.

The world is randomly generated for each game, and you can customize your starting conditions in a few ways, like selecting how harsh the climate is and the difficulty of your start. If you want a challenge, you can choose the hard mode, which only gives you a small number of citizens, no seeds, and no pre-built structures.

The accessible mode gives you more people to work with, some livestock, a selection of seeds for farming, and the primary buildings. If you’re after a relaxing experience, I will start in accessible mode; it just takes the pressure off and allows you to enjoy designing your town in peace.

Like most simulation and management games, there are random events, including natural disasters. However, their chance of happening is low, so you don’t need to worry too much. These include tornadoes, outbreaks of disease, and fires. I’d recommend building a hospital once you have enough resources rather than waiting for a cholera outbreak to strike, as you will lose a large percentage of your population.

I find this game so relaxing because it is a game of patience. You can power ahead, building loads of houses and letting your population explode, but if you don’t make sure your food production keeps pace, starvation becomes a real possibility. I’ve found the best strategy is to take it slow. My play style involves a lot of sitting back with a cup of tea, waiting for my input to be required, which is just how I like it. What impresses me the most about Banished is that this is an indie game made by one guy.


I hope that a Banished 2 is in development with a larger team because there are a few issues with the game. Even though I’ve managed to clock up so many hours, the gameplay is still limited. There aren’t that many different buildings to build or resources to use. I want more stuff to do! There are some Steam Workshop downloads that include milking the cows and fish farms; that’s the sort of thing Banished needs to be perfect.

Despite its limitations, I love playing this game and will never tire of it. It’s precisely the sort of game I need to relax, where I can get invested in the world but will minimize stress. So I give Banished a chill-out rating of 5/5.

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