Two Point Hospital is a fantastic game full review

Two Point Hospital-abcgamelovers

Introduction: Two Point Hospital is a hospital management game, and if you were a fan of Bullfrog’s Theme Hospital back in the day, you might think this looks a little familiar. And you would be right. Two Point Studios is home to many developers from Bullfrog, and Two Point Hospital is Theme Hospital’s spiritual successor. … Read more

Simmiland game full review

Simmiland game full review

Introduction of Simmiland: Simmiland is an island simulation and deck-builder game. You simulate an island of humans and use the cards in your hand to help them to develop as a society. You earn points by fulfilling the wishes of your people, and at the end of each game, you can spend these points on … Read more

Viscera Cleanup Detail game full review

Viscera Cleanup Detail

Introduction of Viscera Cleanup Detail: Viscera Cleanup detail game is pretty gory, so if you’re a slightly twisted individual like myself and picking up dismembered body parts sounds like a good time, you will love this. When playing games like Halo or Bioshock, do you ever think about who’s cleaning up the mess you leave … Read more

Submerged a beautiful relaxing game full review

Submerged a relaxing game full review

Introduction of Submerged: Submerged is a non-combat exploration game set in a post-apocalyptic city that has been destroyed by some unspecified event leaving the city flooded and overgrown. You play as Miku, who has to search the town for supplies to help her injured brother Taku. There are 10 items to find at the top … Read more