DLS 23 All Skills tutorial | Dream League Soccer 2023 Skills tutorial Basic and Advance


DLS 23 is the latest version of DLS made by First Touch Games LTD. DLS 19 was the most popular version of this game; since then, no version has been that popular. But the latest DLS version, DLS 23, became so popular that DLS lovers love this game. FTG put their best into making this game perfect. And they have done their best, I guess. This latest DLS 23 is far better than DLS 22.

Dream League Soccer 22 was just trash because of so many bugs. People who moved from DLS 19 to DLS 22 moved back to DLS 19 again just for the bugs on the DLS 22 game. But in this latest DLS 23, FTG solved those bugs and made this game user-friendly. People love this game after its release.

About special moves in DLS 23:

You can make some unique moves in the latest Dream League Soccer 2023 game. You can beat your opponent and make goals easily with those special moves. In this article, I will teach you how to make special skills in Dream League Soccer 2023.

Essential skills you need to learn:

DLS 23 essential skills

First, you must learn basic skills in the latest Dream League Soccer 2023. You need to pass the ball to your teammates from time to time. Because if you try to go for an attack with just a single player, you can’t beat the opponents, and they will take the ball away from you. Also, there is a high chance that the opponent will tackle you. That is why you need to pass the ball to your teammates always.

One important notice is always to pass the ball by clicking on the B button and avoid the C button because the C button doesn’t work perfectly every time.

We will discuss seven skills that will help you beat the opponent. And the list of those skills is given below:

  1. Rainbow Flick.
  2. Roullete.
  3. Bicycle Kick.
  4. Feint.
  5. Scorpion Kick.
  6. Rabona Kick.
  7. Heading.

One important thing you should know is that you need at least 80+ levels of players to do those skills perfectly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to perform those skills perfectly.

Rainbow Flick:

Rainbow Flick is one of the simplest and most fundamental DLS 22 skills. It’s simple to use and effective against opponents in online matches. To perform Rainbow Flick, “swipe the screen up while running with the ball” A picture is given below of Rainbow Flick. You can watch the pic if you are having trouble with this skill.


This is the smartest skill of all. You can fool any opponent with this skill. Especially when the ball is on the sticker’s foot, and you are running with the ball to make a goal, and there are just one or two opponent players in front of you, you can perform this skill and pass those players easily.


Roulette is a popular skill to perform. Famous player Neymar performs this skill most of the time to pass the opponent. This is a functional skill in DLS 23. And this skill is effortless to perform, and if you can complete the Rainbow Flick, then this skill is easy for you.

To perform this skill, you need to swipe down the screen. This is the opposite of the Rainbow Flick and is too easy to achieve.

Bicycle Kick:

The Bicycle kick is the most accessible advanced skill to learn. The majority of the players used this type of kick. Double-tap the screen when the ball is in the air to perform a bicycle kick. You can also cross the ball from one player to another by pressing the C button. You can also double-tap the screen after pressing the ‘C’ button. You can efficiently perform this skill by double-tapping the screen while performing a corner kick. This kick looks just like a pro player.

You might have seen other players doing these crafts in the DLS 23 game, and from now o, I hope you can also perform this skill.


This is a popular skill to perform. Most players do this skill in real-life football to cross any defender, and this trick always works. Feint means you will show the defender that you are making a move to a specific side, like left or right, to cross him, but suddenly you will move to the other side so that the defender won’t understand and he won’t be able to stop you.

To perform the Feint skills in DLS 23, you must run with the ball in your foot, and when an opponent is in front of you to defend, you swipe the screen to the left or right, and that’s it.

Scorpion Kick:

Scorpion Kick is highly uncommon in DLS 22. A few players only performed this kick. The tutorial is similar to a bicycle kick. To perform, double-tap the screen while the ball is in the air. It is hard to tell that you will be able to achieve this skill every time.

Rabona Kick:

Rabona kick is the hardest kick to perform in DLS 23. It would be best if you practiced a lot to achieve this kick. First, you need to master the Rainbow Flick. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do this kick.

First, perform a rainbow flick by swiping up and pressing the B/C button to perform Rabona Kick.


The heading is not a complex skill to perform, but many players who still don’t know how to control perfectly and score a goal with a title are available. Don’t worry; I am here to solve any gaming problem with the tutorial. And if you are first time visiting my website, then do read my other articles, and I hope you will like them all. Check out the article I have recently published called PUBG Mobile Nusa map.

To perform a perfect head and score a goal, you need to pass the ball to your CF, who is inside the D box, and pass the ball by pressing the C button. When the ball is at the top of your CF, press the A button and move the cursor to the goal bar. This is how you score a perfect heading goal.


These are all advanced skills, and once you master all those skills, nothing can stop you; no opponent can beat you. To be a pro player in DLS 23, you must be an expert in those skills I wrote about. So practice those skills in your DLS game. Practice every single day so that one day you will become a pro player. Upgrade your players or buy players with a rating of more than 80. Otherwise, your low-rating player won’t be able to perform all those skills perfectly.

Always play in DLS live matches. Playing with real players, you will be a pro player, and playing with a computer, you will always be a noob. So play in live matches most of the time to be an expert DLS player.

These are the unique skills in the latest DLS 23 game. I hope you liked my article and if you did so, please comment below because I read all of them. And maybe we could play a friendly match together in DLS 23. Thank you so much for reading. See you at the next one, take care.

How do you do skills in DLS 23?

Follow my articles about DLS 23 to be a DLS skills master.

What does WF mean?

Wing Forward is the complete form of WF. You can place a WF player in the CF players section.

Is DLS 23 offline?

You can play DLS 23 online and offline.

How to do a Rainbow Flick in DLS 23?

To perform Rainbow Flick, “swipe the screen up while running with the ball”.

How to get coins in DLS 23?

I also read my articles to learn how to get coins; you can watch ads to get 30 free coins every time. And also, upgrade your stadium to earn more match-winning bonuses. You can also upgrade the commercial to get more cash.

How many divisions are in DLS 23?

There are 15 divisions in DLS 23.

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