LEGO Bricktales Review | A wonderful game to play

Introduction of LEGO Bricktales

LEGO Bricktales is a puzzle adventure with building mechanics to solve puzzles and bring creations to life! We experience this through a story-driven game as we explore different LEGO worlds. This is a popular puzzle game all over the world. And today, I am here to review this awesome game in detail. Read the whole article to understand how beautiful the game is.


Full review of lego bricktales:

We start with this character that gets a letter from his grandpa requesting to meet him to talk about a remarkable discovery he made. Once we finally meet him at his lab, things blow up; we find rusty,  a flying robot that will aid us throughout the game with directions and tips to learn the game’s mechanics, the biggest one being building with LEGO bricks to overcome obstacles. You need to pick up the pieces,  rotate them around and place them where you’re supposed to progress in the game, which I found excellent.

It will take a bit of time to get used to the controls; sometimes, placing bricks down can be tricky for some. Fast forward a few missions and tutorials you’re given your task, find happiness crystals  (the power source for your grandad’s machine)  by traveling to different worlds via a  portal and helping out people there. I don’t buy the story’s plot, but LEGO Bricktales mechanics and the world’s design make up for it.

You can customize your character to your liking, and later down the line, you find NPCs that sell different clothing options in exchange for bananas,  the form of currency in this game. These items are themed under some classic LEGO themes, like an excellent adventure in this spot.

Throughout the map, you’ll find a treasure chest that contains the previously mentioned bananas. As you progress, you’ll find different items that allow you to unlock new areas previously not accessible to you. The building mechanics get increasingly difficult as well.

You’re often given more pieces than you need to complete the building challenges, and you can go for very plain-looking solutions that get you where you want, or sometimes you’ll want to spend some extra time perfecting that build to look good. Forms can be tested and usually need to fulfill some requirements to be suitable for you to advance in the game. After a form is completed, you can revisit it in sandbox mode, and a vast selection of bricks is available to you if you wish to improve your LEGO Bricktales builds further. Traveling the world is excellent; they’re nice-looking as far as LEGO builds.

I know I want to develop some of them with actual bricks! You have the option to zoom out for you to find your way through things, but you need to pay close attention as sometimes accesses are well hidden. There are different kinds of puzzles, challenges, and types of buildings required for you to progress in-LEGO Bricktales; you can collect animals,  buy everything from NPCs and try to find all of the treasure chests to have 100% completion on the levels all of this while helping out the NPCs and get the happiness crystal as a reward.

After you bring it back to your grandpa,  his machine can finally work and start repairing his fairground rides that need a little building help from you to complete the missions. Once you do that, a new location opens up with new tasks, puzzles, and challenges to uncover.

LEGO Bricktales is a fun game, in my opinion. At times the building challenges were too complex, and I just wanted to progress the game further,  and traveling within the worlds to return to a  previous location takes a bit of time if you don’t remember your way around. But the puzzles are fun to solve; the sites are beautiful.

LEGO builds that I feel like making with real bricks, and the game provides several layers of play for different kinds of players; you can breeze through if you’d like or take your time and perfect the builds and take even more time exploring every corner of the maps to try and get that 100% completion rate. You decide.


LEGO Bricktales will be available on October 12th from  Steam and every central gaming platform and console. Let me know how I reviewed this LEGO game in the comments.

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