Little Inferno is an awesome chilled-out game review


Little Inferno is a casual, puzzle game where you sit in front of your fire and burn things. Whenever you burn something it releases coins for you to spend in the catalog on more things for you to burn. You can unlock new items over time and get bonuses for burning certain combinations of items. Every so often you receive a letter from the head of Tomorrow Corporation, your neighbor sugar Plumps, or the weatherman reporting from the weather balloon, over the smoke stacks, over the city.


Little Inferno in details:

Burning new items is great fun and full of the unexpected since many of them just simply turn to ash. Some make weird noises, others will explode or release something from inside them and others will have an effect on other items placed nearby. Speaking of which; the combos! This is where the puzzle element comes in.

You are given a list of combos with names filled with pop culture references and puns which indicate which items are required for the combo. Some of them are pretty obvious but others had me really stumped. Completing each combo is totally optional though so if you’re stuck you can just move on to another.

There is a sort of story to the game. Through the letters you receive you learn about this world and why you’re just sitting in front of the fire burning toy building blocks and televisions. The narrative is engaging and brilliantly satirical about the casual gaming genre. Sugar Plumps is my favorite, she’s just weird enough to be fun without crossing the line into irritating.

It’s great getting her letters and then burning them of course. Another thing that Little Inferno really has going for it is the music. Mostly it’s pretty subtle, just there adding to the atmosphere but unobtrusive.

However, as soon as you enter the catalog. Honestly, I could listen to this all day. I like the art style in the game; a cute cartoon feel but it’s definitely got a bit of TimBurton about it. Right up my street.


This game is a lot of fun, puts very little pressure on you to make progress, and has a fantastic ending. You could put hours into it trying to get all of the combos available or just play through the end of the story.

I really enjoy relaxing with this game but because the actual gameplay is a bit limited and can get a little repetitive after a while I have to give Little Inferno a Chill-Outrating of 4 out of 5.

Thank you so much for reading.

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