Never do these mistakes in PUBG Mobile/BGMI


Hello everyone, welcome to another brand new article. Today I’m going to write about why you die in the game. Breaking is ok, but failing every single time by making the same mistakes is ridiculous.

Never do these mistakes in PUBG Mobile/BGMI

Reasons why you die in every single match in PUBG Mobile/BGMI:

Because of Greed, so many players are dying in this game unnecessarily. The Greed of Greed killsGreedother stuff can make you an ultra legend noob max. Jokes aside, being straight-up greedy for booties and kills is not correct.

Suppose you kept looting the whole area for 20 minutes where you landed, and then someone rushed and killed you immediately and stole everything from your death crate. Then what’s the point of stealing so much when you will give everything away to your enemies by dying?

Also, being greedy for kills makes you sometimes rush blindly. Rushing blindly will get you backstabbed, and you can be knocked and finished immediately. Not going to lie, but I’m still greedy for kills. And being greedy for kills has made me die hundreds of times. Remember that you should not be cheap for kills and loots.

The second reason you keep dying in PUBG Mobile may be because you want to look cool. Many players try to do fancy movements like crouch shots, peek shots, etc., when it is not even necessary. They want to look cool against their enemies, and then they end up getting smashed. Always remember, there is no future in excellent, whether it’s a game or real life.

Acting cool never really makes you look cool but stupid. Never make such fake movements that are not even necessary. Unnecessary movements only work against newbie enemies, trust me. If you came across making your fake extreme moves against a pro player, he is going to rock your gameplay in a way that you have never imagined.

I did lots and lots of clutches, where I made my basic moves and luckily succeeded many times. Remember, these particular moves should only be made when it is necessary. Each of the special activities has its timings. CQC, also known as Close Quarter Combat, is what you lack in most of your skills. I mean, close combat is the most essential and recommended skill that every player must master.

The third reason you are dying is your poor close combat skills. Many players may have watched hundreds of tight combat-improving videos, but none follow the tips. Hit like if you agree. Try watching pro players like me daily. And implement their strategies to play like them. The best weapon with quick firing speed and high weapon damage can do wonders at close range. Uzi and vector are one of my favorite weapons in close-range fights.

To select the best weapon for close combat, you must first understand the characteristics of each gun. Choose a weapon with high base damage, stability, and rate of fire. Additionally, the ammo capacity is an essential factor to consider. If you want a detailed article about deadly close-range weapons, let me know in the comments section because I read every single comment.

Another reason you always keep dying is that you are not regular to abcgamelovers. So check out all our posts about PUBG Mobile and keep visiting our website regularly to be a pro-PUBG gamer. The last reason is that maybe you are too insecure about your Rank and KD ratio.

Many players are too addicted to their ranks, and they keep camping the whole game for some good points at the end. But did you know that camping and hiding the entire time builds fear in your mind? Yes, this makes your skills from 100 to 0. Because you are too afraid to fight, and once you get engaged in a row, you die because of your fear. So do not hide if you want to win top battles. Hiding can take all your skills away, trust me.


So these were the top reasons why you die in PUBG or BGMI. Alright, guys, that’s going to wrap up the tips; thank you so much for reading. Do leave a comment about why you usually die in PUBG Mobile. I will try to solve that problem for you.

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