PUBG Mobile New Lucky Draw October 2022

In this PUBG Mobile’s new lucky draw, we can have three awesome background themes and the famous Underworld Guide set. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Introduction of PUBG Mobile’s new lucky draw:

PUBG Mobile New Lucky Draw

On the day 2022-10-17, a new lucky draw was added to PUBG Mobile, and in today’s article, we are going to talk about that topic also; there are some new dresses added to the PUBG Mobile recently which I am going to talk about at the last of this article. So read the full article not to miss any new updates.

Three new background themes are added in this new lucky draw, which is so awesome. And many people loved the Underworld Guide Set, so this set was added to the game for a limited time. You have one month to grab your favorite set. This PUBG Mobile new lucky draw will end on 2022-11-16.

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How to get the Underworld Guide Set in the PUBG Mobile?

The underworld Guide Set is the most popular set in PUBG Mobile. For the popularity of this set, PUBG Mobile added the set again to the PUBG Mobile. Many players requested the PUBG Mobile to add this set again, and now it is finally here.

So if you are also planning to have Underworld Guide Set, let me remind you that it will cost a lot of UC. But if you are willing to spend a lot of UC, then let’s begin,

The rules of this new lucky spin are you have to spin five times to unlock the Underworld Guide Set; try and click on the set to check if you got the set or not. The chances of getting the set are meager. But you might get that set if you spend more than a hundred thousand UC. Also, there is a high chance of getting lucky coins in every spin, and if you have one thousand lucky coins, you can buy the Underworld Guide Set from the shop.

What are the new background themes added to the PUBG Mobile?

Two types of reward pools are available in this new lucky draw, and there are three different themes available to those two pools.

In the standard reward pool, you got one background theme called Strange Town Theme. And in the advanced reward pool, you got two background themes, one is Street Art Theme, and the other one is Cyberpunk Hangar Theme. Let’s talk in detail about those themes down below;

Strange Town Theme:

PUBG Mobile recently announced a new event called Strange Town, which was made only for the Erangel map, and this theme represents that event. This new theme of Strange Town is fantastic. Strange Town Theme is about a scary night city theme; a couple of houses, a watch tower, a full moon, and two dead trees. That’s all you will see on that theme. One more detail PUBG Mobile added to this theme to look this theme much more scary and realistic is a couple of bats flying from behind the watch tower and near the full moon.

Street Art Theme:

Street Art is an old theme from the fourth anniversary. Many players requested and loved that theme which is why PUBG Mobile made this theme available again on this new lucky draw.

I don’t like this theme because of so much yellow on this theme which made this theme lighter, and I don’t want to see my lobby that much light.

The street Art Theme is full of containers, reminding you of Gorgepool the difference between Gorgepool and the theme is that you will see lots of art on the containers.

Cyberpunk Hangar Theme:

Cyberpunk Hangar is the best theme in this PUBG Mobile New Lucky Draw. This is a dark theme, and you will see a rainy night city and a broken plane on this theme where the plane’s main fan is still spinning. You will see every drop of rain hitting the ground, making the theme more realistic and detailed. That is why this theme is the best of the other themes I have discussed before.


That is all added to the PUBG Mobile New Lucky Draw, and I hope you got everything in this article I have written if you liked it, please let me know by commenting on this article below, and I will reply to you all. I will catch you in the following article till then take care goodbye.

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