PUBG Mobile Wonderful New Update Nusa map Myths and details

In today’s article, we will write some interesting myths about the new update and the new Nusa map.

Starting with the first myth: The grass only renders up to 100 meters. Beyond 100meters, enemies will be visible:

So we tried spotting an enemy under 50 meters when the enemy was lying on the grass and he was not visible. When you look from 100 meters far, you barely start to notice an enemy lying on the grass. But when you look at that enemy from 150 meters away, you will see him, and there will be no grass. So the point proves that grass won’t render if you are 150 meters away. So the first myth about the PUBG Mobile Nusa map is accurate.


The second myth is: you will get no recoil when you reach the limit for looking up:

So, there is a limit that you cannot cross if you try to swipe up or look up. When you crouch, the limit decreases, and when you are prone, the limit decreases even further. So let’s see what happens if we shoot while we’re close to the limit. The weapon does not appear to go any higher than the limit, but it does have horizontal recoil. I’ll do it again by pruning, and The Recoil will not exceed the limit. So, except for the horizontal recoil when you reach the limit for looking up, the myth is confirmed.

Now moving on to the third myth: when two players coming from opposite sides of zip lines at the same time when bump into each other, both will fall:

This is a fun one, so we have tried this one too. So, first of all, we made two players stand at the two ends of the zip line. If we use the zip line simultaneously, we will bump into each other and fall from the zip line।, which is somewhat realistic, but both players will take the fall damage and could die, especially when falling from higher zip lines. So the myth is confirmed true.

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Moving on to the fourth myth: tactical crossbow has almost no bullet drop, just like other bolt action snipers:

It’s time to find out if it’s true. This new Tactical crossbow is available only on the Nusa map. It’s essentially an improved version of the existing crossbow. So we attempted to shoot an opponent from 300 meters away. The arrow was aimed at the head, but it struck the body instead. This is good because a regular crossbow with the same 300-meter Target distance in the Erangel map would not even get halfway there. No matter how high I aim, the bullet never even hits the target. The bullet drop with a tactical crossbow is minimal and similar to that of other sniper rifles. So the myth that tactical crossbows have less bullet drop is confirmed.

The fifth myth is that a Molotov cocktail or grenade can be used to set fire to the Flame Village instead of the crossbow Flame:

We also tried this one. But first, if you weren’t aware, this tactical crossbow has a special flame bolt that can burn down wooden Huts. It will not work if you hit it with any other weapon. We looked for Molotov cocktails on Nusa Map but couldn’t find any. So I’m assuming Molotov cocktails aren’t available on this map, so we’ll try it with a grenade, which appears capable of doing anything to the nuts. So the myth has been debunked.

These are the myths of the PUBG Mobile Nusa map, and I hope you all liked them. If you do, leave a comment, which will motivate us to write much more about your favorite topics.

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