PUBG Mobile Nusa map and awesome new updates


PUBG Mobile Nusa map was recently released, the most miniature map in PUBG Mobile. The size of this map is 1km in length and 1km in width. This map is so tiny that Erangle is eight times bigger than this map. If I explain the size of this map more simply, it takes about 3 minutes to run from one side of the map to the other. The Nusa map is so tiny that you don’t even need a vehicle on this map.

Things you should know to play in the Nusa map:

  • If you want to land fast on this map, you must jump at 350-400m. The best is 375m, just like you land on the Erangle map at 750m.
  • The recall system is back again to the PUBG Mobile Nusa map. You will automatically be recalled if you eliminate in the first 3 minutes on this map. But one crucial thing is your teammates need to be alive. Otherwise, you won’t remember.
  • A two-person car, a new excellent vehicle added to the Nusa map named Quad. This vehicle is only made for this map. You won’t see this vehicle on the other maps. Quad was designed for this map because this vehicle can run through the hills.
  • Also, two new guns are added to the PUBG Mobile Nusa map. A powerful shotgun called NS2000 and a tactical crossbow.
  • There are 11 locations on this map. The Science center is the most hot-drop place on this Nusa map. And the most prominent position on the Nusa map is Telepak town.
  • Working elevator added to the PUBG Mobile Nusa map. We have seen not working elevators previously on the PUBG Mobile. Still, the working elevator is added to the PUBG mobile for the first time in Telepak town’s most extended building.
  • There is a location on the Nusa map called Regal resort with a sweeping pool that gives you a health boost.
  • A secret cave is available on the new Nusa map located in Crystal bay. It would help if you had a key to open that cave’s door, which you can easily find by looting that place.
  • There are ziplines available on this map. I know that is not new, but the zip line can be broken and repaired, which is unique.

All about the new shotgun NS2000

This is an exciting shotgun. You can add a scope to this shotgun. Also, we all know other shotgun does not give any damage from a long-range, but this shotgun does. This shotgun shoots nine bullets at a time, just like others, but if you open the scope and shoot, then this shotgun will fire just one bullet. You can eliminate an enemy in 5m with a single node of this shotgun, even if the enemy wears a level 3 helmet. But if the enemy is 10m or farther than you, then the single-shot elimination won’t work.

Tactical crossbow with fire ability:

This crossbow is just like the old crossbow but this new tactical crossbow fires flame bolts which make this crossbow more deadly. There is a place called flame village on the PUBG Mobile Nusa map, located in the middle of this map, where you can burn down the entire village with this tactical crossbow. Also, when you are burning down a building, if someone stays in that building, he will slowly burn and eliminate it.

Quad the climb king of the PUBG Mobile Nusa map:

Quad is a great vehicle that is specially designed for the Nusa map. Suppose you have played the PUBG Mobile Nusa map before you know that the map is full of hills, and this new vehicle, Quad, can climb the mountain so efficiently and fast. This vehicle has four wheels and two seats. It looks pretty similar to the old PUBG Mobile bike.


This new PUBG Mobile Nusa map is so tiny, and it takes 10 minutes to get chicken dinner on this map. Thirty-two people can play this 10 minutes map at a time. The graphics of this new map is fantastic. When you play this map, you will feel like you are in a modern village in the middle of the amazon. If you haven’t played this map, you should play. And after playing this map, comment below on your experience playing this new PUBG Mobile Nusa map. I’ll catch you in the following review. Till then, take care and be awesome.


Where are PUBG maps located?

PUBG map’s Miramar locations are based out of the region of South America, and the other maximum areas are imaginary.

Which is the best place to land in Erangel?

School is the best place for landing on the Erangel map because this is the middle of the map, so that zone always comes in this place’s favor.

Where is the secret cave located in Nusa?

Nusa map’s secret cave is located in the Cavern.

Which is the best gun in PUBG Mobile?

M416 is the best and most popular gun in PUBG Mobile.

Which is the best grip for M416?

The vertical foregrip is the best grip for M416. You can spray from a long-range using this grip.

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