PUBG Mobile October update with Awesome car skins

PUBG Mobile October update is here with awesome car skins, which we will discuss in this article. So without delay, let’s jump to the main topic.

Introduction of PUBG Mobile October update:

Two new car skins are included in speed drift from 2022/10/08 to 2022/11/08. You can spin your luck for those awesome car skins this time. Those are all upgradeable car skins, and the first thing you get a new feature in those car skins is an elimination message. An elimination broadcast will be shown if you drive through any enemy and kill him via an upgradeable car.


Types of skins:

  1. Robust Wild.
  2. Robust Night City.
  3. Robust Universe.
  4. Warp Green.
  5. Warp Dawn.
  6. Warp Universe.

Those skins are for just two types of cars UAZ and Coupe RB. We will not see Dacia skins in this new car skin event. Now let’s discuss those skins in detail and should you spin for those skins or not.

Robust Wild:

Robust Wild is the first skin of UAZ you will see in the speed drift, and this skin is quite similar to the Lamborgini yellow skin. But this one is far better than the Lambo, but this is not my favorite skin. Robust Wild has three upgrades Elimination broadcast, vehicle music, and team-up broadcast. You can get this car with one card.

Robust Night City:

This UAZ skin is gray and yellow, and this looks pretty good. This skin also has those three upgrades, just like the Robust Wild. But this color is not that many suits for the UAZ, and I do not recommend you purchase this one.

Robust Universe:

Robust Universe is my favorite UAZ skin of all of the above. The Robust Universe also looks fantastic. This skin has five upgrades, which is the leading skin of UAZ.

Elimination Broadcast, Vehicle Music, Team-Up Broadcast, Spawn Island AirDrop, and Parachute.

Now let’s talk about the Coupe RB skins. You know this is the fastest car in PUBG Mobile, which is why many PUBG players will surely take one of the Coupe RB skins.

There are three Coupe RB skins available in this new speed drift, and I have talked about those skin’s names at the beginning of this article. And now, we are going to talk about those car skins.

Warp Green:

Warp Green is the first skin of Coupe RB, and this skin is pretty. Lots of players are taking this skin also because this skin costs just one card. And I also recommend you purchase this skin if you consider buying one just because this skin looks fantastic. This skin is primarily black, but some green color mixers are available. This skin has three unique features like the UAZ; elimination broadcast, vehicle music, and team-up broadcast.

Warp Dawn:

This skin is a half-white and half-red color mixer. This mixer makes this skin looks so aggressive. Warp Dawn skin has an elimination broadcast, just like the other skins. Also, this skin has vehicle music and a team-up broadcast.

Warp Universe:

Warp Universe is the final ski added to this latest PUBG Mobile October update. This skin costs three cards and is the most premium Coupe RB skin. This skin is the primarily pink and purple mixer. If you play in high resolution, you can see how beautiful this skin looks. Also, two new features are added to this unique skin, spawned in the spawn island airdrop and parachute.


So the PUBG Mobile October update is well enough because we got a new speed drift in this month’s upgrade. There are six new skins of two different cars available in this speed drift, and all those skins are pretty good. So let me know what you think about those car skins by commenting on this article, and I will read and answer them all.

See you in the following article. Till then, take care and be awesome.

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