Top 5 New Games For Android in OCTOBER 2022

So my brothers, how are you? Comment below because I read all of them. And Today’s article, we are going to talk about the top 5 new games for android in October 2022.


Let’s talk about our first new game, which is A Day Defore Die:

A day before die is a third-person action shooting game that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. This means that zombies have taken over the world. And human Civilization is on the verge of ending. We all have to survive together. Inside this game, we will get to see a good story. When I say the story is good, I mean it. Because there are multiple endings, too, and because the game developers have a little more story stocks every month, there will be more parts with updates.

The game is offline too. That means you can play from anywhere. The size of the game is 530 MB. And the exciting thing is that you will not get to see any ads inside this game. And this game has been developed in such a way that it feels like the open world. And with that, you get almost every weapon here. The game’s graphics are fantastic, even though they tried to put a dark tone inside the game.

Let’s move on to our second new game by Following our website. You can also read the other articles available on our website.

Road redemption mobile:

Suppose I tell you that all the childhood memories of the road rash gameplay will return. So nothing will be wrong with that because road redemption mobile, which is the console title now finally come on mobile. Here, you guys ride a bike, but you will also get to see action. Not only that, but when will our badass character turn into madness? The beginning will be kicking; we will use the road and sword later. The game size is 1.2 GB, and the game is online. As you play the game further, you will able be o unlock new bikes and weapons.

Let’s move from it and talk about our third new game, which is The last maverick: raft:

I know that the name of this game is quite similar to top gun malefic, but nothing like this is going to be seen here. Here we will survive on a deserted island, for our lives will make your little raft. Try to solve many mysterious mysteries hidden in the ocean and will go out on exploration in search of dangers. The visuals of this game seem to be animated, and the size of the game is 200 Mb, and it’s an offline game.

Well, now let me tell you about a great new game which is ATSS2:

The game prides itself on being an offline shooting game. The size of ATSS2 is only 200 MB, and this game is offline. But still, I will promise you vital camping with good graphics; I will also give a good story. And this happens to combine all these things, making special Comercial unique will not be able to see many games which can provide you with a strong campaign with cinematic cut scenes, battle visuals representation, and modern mechanics. That too offline and in such a small size. Hardly few, but it is found here.

We have moved towards our fifth new game, which is Car Driving Online:

Now, friends, this is an open-world racing game where you will see different world locations. India will also be available. There will be many more games, and you can get your car upgraded and customize it. If you wish, you can build your dream house. Yes, there is also such a feature inside the game.

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