Top Five Most Played Mobile Games Of October 2022


In this article, I will write about the top five most-played mobile games of October 2022. And I will be talking about those games in detail, so read the whole article and tell me your opinion in the comment box because I read all of them.

List of the top five most played mobile games of October 2022:

Top Five Most Played Mobile Games
  1. PUBG Mobile.
  2. Free Fire.
  3. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.
  4. Clash Royale.
  5. Clash Of Clans.

These are the top five most-played mobile games of this month. Now I will break down those games in detail down below;

PUBG Mobile:

PUBG Mobile has been the most popular mobile game since 2020. About all game lovers play this game regularly. PUBG Mobile is a multiplayer battle game where you need to fight with 99 other players, and if you can beat all of them, you will get a chicken dinner(PUBG Mobile match-winning trophy).

This game is entertaining, and lots of people play this game because of this game is so much more realistic than the other mobile games. You can feel the experience. PUBG Mobile needs a healthy amount of ram and storage to run. That is the wrong side of this game. Some of the players who don’t have high-level devices cannot play this game smoothly. And day by day, this game’s graphics are going higher, and that is the cause many players are moving to Free Fire.

Free Fire:

Free Fire is going popular day by day. Free Fire is a multiplayer game similar to PUBG Mobile in many ways, but the plus point is that you can play this game with just 2 GB of really great ram. That is why every single phone of this generation can handle this game’s graphics. And many players who can not play PUBG Mobile because of low-budget devices can easily play Free Fire. And soon enough, this Free Fire will surely beat the PUBG Mobile.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang:

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is an entertaining game to play. Mobile Legend: Banf Bang is a multiplayer battle game, and you can play this game with your friends and random people online because this is an online game.

If we talk about the gameplay, then you will love this game. Many heroes are available in the game with different powers, and you can choose any of them and play with that character. There are also many categories available for the heroes like Asssasian, Fighter, tank, etc. You can select one of that categories at a time. And playing regular this game will gain you more powerful heroes.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can be played on low-budget devices because it just needs a small amount of storage and ram, which is one of the major causes of being so popular.

Clash Royale:

Clash Royale is one of my favorite and most popular mobile games this month and this year. Supercell developed this game. And this game is a classic one. You don’t need to play this game for long because one attack lasts about three minutes. Because you don’t need to play this game for the whole day or for a long time, this game has become so popular. This game can be played on all kinds of devices of this generation.

Clash Of Clans:

Clash Of Clans is the last top game of today’s article. This game is the most popular game from Supercell. Clash Of Clans was released in August 2012, and since then, this game has been widespread. This is like a miracle because many games released after that time were also much more realistic and fun, but none of them could beat the popularity of this game. This game is just like addiction. You can play this game all day but cannot finish this game. This game can be played on all android and IOS devices.


Tons of games are released every day. And This month’s top games might not be the same for the next month. And I am always here to publish the latest game news. I will provide you with this kind of article always, so stay tuned with us for future articles. Also, comment on the article about anything related to it, and I will answer them all.

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