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Two Point Hospital is a hospital management game, and if you were a fan of Bullfrog’s Theme Hospital back in the day, you might think this looks a little familiar. And you would be right. Two Point Studios is home to many developers from Bullfrog, and Two Point Hospital is Theme Hospital’s spiritual successor.

I was obsessed with the theme hospital as a kid and made several episodes of a play though on my main channel a couple of years ago. Click the card for that playlist of me slowly descending into madness before giving up at level 6.

Two Point Hospital-abcgamelovers
Two Point Hospital-abcgamelovers

Everything about the Two Point Hospital game:

Everything about this game fills me with nostalgia, from the music choices and the receptionist’s announcements to the visual aesthetic, character designs, and dreadful diseases and ailments. It’s a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A realistic hospital sim would probably be rather depressing. In Two Point Hospital, if a patient dies, they might return as a ghost that your janitor needs to hoover up. It’s light-hearted and silly at every turn.

The gameplay of Two Point Hospital:

The gameplay is as you would expect for a management sim. You start with an empty hospital building. You fill it up with all the rooms you need to diagnose and treat your patients, manage your staff and finances, and hopefully, you will make enough money to expand your healthcare empire.

However, the requirements for completing a level are rarely financial, which I appreciate. To advance, you might need to cure a certain number of people, research a new treatment for a disease, or train enough staff members in new skills. I’m coming into this one as a fan of Theme Hospital, so it is harder for me to put myself into the shoes of someone new to this sort of game.

Profoundly diving into the Two Point Hospital game:

The earlier levels balance introducing new concepts gradually for new players without being too slow and limiting to more experienced players. The fact that you unlock the next level after completing the requirements for a 1-star hospital
Helps this. Each hospital can gain up to three stars with new objectives each time. This enables players to choose whether to stay in a level and practice optimizing their hospital design or move on and gain access to unique gameplay mechanics and an increase in complexity.

Two Point Hospital offers a lot of flexibility in play style. If like me, you want to build your hospital and not get too bogged down in the details, then you can just make more rooms, hire your staff, and get on with treating your patients. If you like to have more control and fine-tune things, you can manage your team by setting what jobs each of them will do, planning out marketing campaigns to target patients with specific conditions, and tweaking the fees charged for each diagnostic tool and treatment.


I find Two Point Hospital very enjoyable to play. It doesn’t tend to put you under too much pressure with time limits or fail conditions. Once you’ve got a handle on building a successful hospital, it’s pretty straightforward to keep your hospital going. You can work on the level goals at your own pace and spend time just planning out your waiting area and putting in that new café you just unlocked.
As such, I award Two Point Hospital the Chill Out Seal of Approval. Thank you so much for reading the whole article.

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