Viscera Cleanup Detail game full review

Introduction of Viscera Cleanup Detail:

Viscera Cleanup detail game is pretty gory, so if you’re a slightly twisted individual like myself and picking up dismembered body parts sounds like a good time, you will love this.

When playing games like Halo or Bioshock, do you ever think about who’s cleaning up the mess you leave behind? Well, that space station isn’t going to be left to rot, someone’s going to want to use it, but they sure aren’t if it’s full of blood and bullet holes! That’s where you come in; you work for a cleaning company that can’t turn a contract down. You have to go in and pick up the pieces.

Viscera Cleanup Detail game review:

Viscera Cleanup Detail
Viscera Cleanup Detail

What, this is entirely relaxing. Don’t judge me with no time limit or monsters lying in wait; you mop up blood, incinerate body parts, litter, and bullet casings, not to mention welding bullet holes in the walls and stacking all the crates barrels in their rightful areas. There’s no pressure to do anything quickly, and if you don’t want to bother with all of the jobs, there’s no punishment.

I never bother with recording details of where each body was found, but if you want to fill out the reports, that option is there for you. You’ll get a pretty good score if you’ve all the blood and body parts. Most levels take at least an hour to complete, and you get a real sense of accomplishment as you see the area steadily improving, thanks to your efforts. It’s enjoyable to determine the game or film referenced in each level.

Sometimes I think it’s just a generic scenario, but, for example, one is John Carpenter’s’The Thing’, and for other levels, I feel like I should know it, but I’m just not quite sure. If you’re a bit of an action and horror buff, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy working these out. As always, there are some issues; the physics can freak out occasionally, and you will knock over many buckets of bloody water (there’s even an achievement for doing this enough times). Still, I find this to be funny rather than frustrating.

OK, it can be a little frustrating sometimes, especially when you pick up an arm and turn around with it to put in your bin and accidentally knock it against a wall leaving a big smear of blood. It does get a little annoying that the objects you are carrying are held low in your view, so to avoid them hitting the floor and leaving blood marks, you have to walk along practically, staring at the ceiling.

I’ve walked into a lot of buckets this way. This also makes it a guessing game when dropping things into bins since you can’t see the chest to lift the object into it. This is also a great game to play with friends and supports online and local split-screen-op gameplay. My boyfriend and I play together, taking a section of the map, each or one person collecting the body parts and the other mops.

It’s great fun and works well in this mode. Split-screen puts too much strain on my computer and does cause it to the blue screen of death after a while, so be aware of that if your PC is a few years old like mine.


Overall I find this great to relax with, but it’s not for everyone, and it will frustrate many people, especially when you realize you’ve just tracked alien blood footprints across your freshly mopped floor. Because of this, I give Viscera Cleanup Detail a chill-out rating of 3/5. Thank you so much for reading, and please come back and check out future chilled-out game reviews on my website.

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